Once you upload your Snapcode to the GhostCodes app, you won't be able to change your actual Boo-R Code within the app. We did build in a nifty option for you to update your image INSIDE of the Boo-R code, because we love you and we can't belive Snapchat hasn't added this feature yet. However, if you really need to change your Snapcode, just email us and we'll work with you to update your account.
Yes, we have two privacy modes: visible and invisible. If you only want to use GhostCodes to discover other users, just change your profile to invisible. 
Let us count the ways! First, be sure to tap on the categories icon and deep dive into certain categories that you find relevant. Second, once you find a profile, check out a users interests (listed below their social links) and start searching for people with similar interests. Third, head over to the search option on the nav bar. You can type in usernames OR real names when searching for Snappers -- or you can toggle over to interests and look around there. Finally, use the social links on profiles to see things people have posted on other social channels. It's a good indicator of the quality of content they'll post on Snapchat.
Users are ranked by the cute little heart icons found under every Snapcode on the mobile app. We call them Kudos. Each time you receive a Kudo, you move up in your category. As you start moving higher and higher in your category, we'll send you 'ranking' notifications letting you know where you stand. More Kudos = higher ranking. Higher ranking = more downloads. It's science people, SCIENCE. In the near future, kudos won't be the ONLY metric we'll be using for 'ranking' stay tuned!
You totally can! Head to your settings area and tap on category to change.
The customized codes you see on GhostCodes are done by the users themselves. If you'd like to update your code with a customized code, just email us a .jpeg or .png of your new code and we'll update it on your account as long as your code scans.
Yep! Head to the very, very bottom of your settings area.
Head over to your profile screen and select Edit My Profile. From there you just tap on social links. You'll be able to add or remove usernames and URLs.
Sure! Just email us letting us know the situation and we'll work with you to update your GhostCodes account.
The ghost you are referring to is an OG (Original Ghost) badge. It was given to all users who had an account on or before May 15th. Unfortunately, that means if you don't already have one, you won't be able to get one.

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